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Jeff Han

Co-Founder: Product Design, Business Development and Operations, and VP of Sanitation

Rob Pfeifer

Co-Founder:Product Development, Business Development, and head of affirmations

Sean Troxel

Co-Founder: Engineering, Data Science/Machine Learning, and Chief Dream Ambassador


Growing up in the early 2000’s you couldn’t help but be shocked at the rate of development in technology. I remember the first time I watched Steve Jobs present the iPhone. Then I remember blinking and the next version was released, and then the next… I remember using Google for the first time. I remember when I made my Facebook page, when I signed up and saw all of my friends being recommended for me to connect with.

There was this idea, that if we brought together the greatest minds, to build the most harrowing feats of innovation, and we were able to connect with everyone on the planet, and make all the world’s information accessible, we would see the world become “a better place.”

But somewhere along the way, it seems that we've been nudged off course. It may not have been a large nudge – many wonderful technologies and opportunities have opened up and it seems that many of the promises of the internet are being fulfilled – but a misalignment of a few degrees will eventually take us far away from our destination.

We've realized that the differences between us are greater than we would have hoped for, that our values are not always aligned and that our beliefs are often opposite. We've seen that the platforms on which we built communities insulated us from people we began to mistrust, and the platforms on which we informed ourselves are designed to feed us what we like, but not necessarily what we need.

What happened? What happened to the future where being connected meant being able to understand one another? Where having the world’s information in your pocket meant you’d be more informed, not more depressed? Is there a way to get back on course?

We think so.

There may be no returning to our original optimism, but the future is not lost.

Arc is a platform built to put the internet back into your hands. Melding human insight and artificial intelligence, Arc clarifies our thoughts, engages us with content we enjoy, and challenges our perspectives to expand our horizons.

We believe that what we need and what the internet needs is a platform designed for personal growth and not just viral growth, a platform designed to help us become the people we want to be. This doesn't mean that the internet shouldn't help satisfy our desires and provide us with cool stuff, but that it should do more than that. The world has changed, and the best thing we can do now is to define where it goes next.