You can't walk in someone else's shoes if you stand still


When I take the time to sit and breath, reflecting on thoughts that arise, I recognize how multi-faceted most ideas are. Even the simplest idea can be turned over and over and over, a stone in the mind. 

The idea of pregnancy is perhaps as far from simple as we can imagine, not a stone but a mountain. We cannot wrap our arms around it, nor see the whole of it; we can only circle it again and again. 

Reading these "pros" and "cons" brings all this to my mind, because as I visit the points on each side, I find myself agreeing with each of them in turn. But as I move on to the next point, perhaps on the other side, I lose sight of the one before, and I can't seem to hold them all at once before me. 

I understand the impulse to take up a single principle - life; autonomy; personhood; justice - as a flag to plant, to know where one stands. There are decisions we have to make, as a society and as individuals - or perhaps I should say, as individuals in a society - and when we make them we should know why. 

But the mountain remains. I may know the spot near my flag very well, but what of the rest? What of the flags planted on other sides? More importantly, what of the people, that stand and walk  and live beyond what I can see? 

This ground will be here when we choose to return, and so I think we owe it to ourselves and to each other to, from time to time, pick up our flags, and walk around the mountain again.   

Sean Troxel