The Abortion Debate in America


The topics of abortion and women's reproductive rights are some of the most fraught in our society. To quote from an episode of Law And Order, "We're dealing with an issue here that goes to the very mystery of our existence. What is life? When does it begin? At conception? At viability? At birth? And in good faith, we seek guidance from our moral leaders, from scientists...we want so much to do the right thing, you know, the just thing". 

The recent laws passed in the states of Alabama and Missouri have brought these issues to the fore of public consciousness again with a very specific goal: that the Supreme Court take up these issues and judge them anew. If you are, like I was, a bit out of the loop with respect to this new set of laws, this video provides a good introduction to the recent events. 

As Jeff and I begin our exploration of these topics, we are keenly aware at how much we don't know. We have our beliefs and perspectives, but we also know our own personal experiences are limited, perhaps even narrow. But we've found some of the best stories and discussions available online, and we're excited to listen and engage with them. Join us each day as we hear a new story and share some of our thoughts.

Sean Troxel