A Conversation With Someone Who Has Had An Abortion

When I began watching the Steven Crowder conversation with Yara, I don’t think I was prepared for how conflicted I would feel after watching.

The current debate around legislation I think takes away from the point that both Steven and Yara discuss, which is the impact and decisions that face individual people. In other words, this topic can get abstract really quickly but Yara talks about the impact on specific women and Steven discusses the impact on the baby.

Now, in complete honesty my natural inclination is to consider the logical approach to something and try to make as rational a decision as possible. But I did keep asking myself the question that I think Yara would ask which is, what about the woman?

Whenever I’ve seen debates on the subject, it kind of felt like a chess match, where people are trying to logically outmaneuver the other person. But this conversation was personal. It involved a lot of anecdotes that reminded me how, even if one side were to “win” it would still involve tragedy.

And I sort of feel like that is the point of this video. Not that you see one side’s particular logical strength or emotional appeal. But that in both pro-life and pro-choice worlds, there is always a group of people who will go through tragedy.

I think my frustrations in the video usually came when Steven would draw theoretical analogies (though they were always logically consistent), when Yara would share a personal perspective. I wished he had asked a bit more about Yara’s experiences and discussed that way.

Similarly I wish Yara did let Steven make his points without interruption and then draw his points back to her specific stories and perspective and ask what it meant for the women.

If you want to watch the video click here.

Jeff Han